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Sally - Ann B, October 2013

Jandi Meditation instantly make you feel at ease. They are very knowledgeable in the field of mediation, full of advice, hints and tips. When my busy life allows me time to join the meditation sessions I come away feeling lifted. I would highly recommend their sessions to all beginners and advanced alike.

Judith R, Naturopathic Nutritionist, October 2013

Jandi Meditation give a very interesting talk on Meditation. They are experienced meditators and teachers, they explain what it is, what it isn't and the benefits it can bring to each of us on a daily basis. They provide such a nurturing space, which is nice and relaxed, thus allowing people, whether absolute beginners or well practised, to share their thoughts and questions. I have meditated on and off for a few years now abut still learnt a lot. The talk also inspired me to start meditating again on a more regular basis. So thank you Jandi Holistic.

Ruth T, October 2013

"Jandi Meditation always provide us with a very welcoming, friendly, supportive, relaxed and relaxing atmosphere in which to meditate, and cater well both for beginners and for more experienced meditators. Whenever I have any questions, however basic, they always give very helpful and comprehensive answers, particularly because between them they are often able to give different (but complementary) perspectives on the matter, which can be very useful. I would definitely recommend these sessions.".


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