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What are the benefits?

In our experience, some of the potential benefits of Jandi Meditation are as listed below:

It is important to note that these are some of the benefits of meditation - you may experience more.

However, none of these benefits can be absolutely guaranteed.  

Greater insight into life’s problems: the contemplation of life’s problems through a meditative state can gain a different perspective on many issues in life. This can help to resolve everyday life problems.

More positive outlook on life: meditation accesses and enhances the life energy (mental and physical) with which we are all born. This can lead to a more overall positive outlook on life.

Improved concentration: developing the ability to focus the mind during meditation improves the ability to concentrate on tasks in our daily lives.

Development of intuition: meditation is known to develop and enhance intuition (that gut feeling you get about some things that has an uncanny way of turning out to be correct!). This can be an important guide for life.

Spiritual development and realisation: many of us acknowledge a spiritual side to ourselves. Deep meditation can lead to a greater connection to and realisation of our spiritual nature.

Mental and physical relaxation: a lot of mental and emotional stress can be stored in the body leading to physical discomforts. The process of meditation leads to mental and physical relaxation. This can be maintained in everyday life as a result of regular practice.

Reduced stress: through relaxation, meditation reduces stress, something that most of us suffer from to some extent.

Improved energy levels: relaxation allows our natural physical and mental energy systems to activate. This increases the overall energy we need to to deal with our busy lives.

Improved quality of sleep: meditation through its relaxing effect on the mind can lead to improved quality of sleep. Many meditators report the need for less sleep as a result of regular meditation.

Heightened sensitivity: through meditation we connect to our true selves and therefore we can become more sensitive to ourselves and to others both physically and mentally. In this respect regular meditation can also lead to a desire to have a healthier lifestyle and diet.