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For more information or to arrange a homeopathy consultation please telephone me on 07720 052354 or complete the form below. Its not always possible for to answer the telephone, but if you leave a message and contact number I will call you back.

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Consultation & Fees

An initial consultation lasts about an hour, less for babies and children. Any subsequent appointments last for between thirty to forty–five minutes.

During the first consultation I will ask about your previous medical history, and that of your family, enquire about any current medication, and your current state of health.

Then in order to find the best remedy that is appropriate for you, I will ask about anything else that is troubling you, when your present symptoms started and what makes them worse or better. Your sleep patterns, appetite, food likes and dislikes and energy levels are also taken into consideration. This all builds up a picture of you as a person so that a prescription can be tailor–made to help you make the changes that you want.

All of this information is kept in strict confidence.



First Appointment

Follow–up Appointments






First Appointment

Follow–up Appointments



Telephone Advice

For ongoing support following consultation

For acute situations



Please note that telephone advice is only available after a first consultation.

All fees include the cost of homeopathic remedies supplied.

My practice is at:

The Marine Clinic

12, Marine Drive