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For more information or to arrange a counselling session please telephone me on 07760 351733 or complete the form below.

Its not always possible for to answer the telephone, but if you leave a message and contact number I will call you back.

What is counselling?

Life will always present us with challenges and difficult situations. Sometimes these challenges can get on top of us and we stop living and enjoying our lives as fully as we would like. This is where counselling can be of help.

Counselling is about offering a supportive relationship in a safe and confidential environment to talk through whatever is concerning them. Counselling is not about giving advice and counsellors can never be experts in other people’s lives. Counselling is about helping people find their unique strengths to work through a particular issue in the best way for them so that they can live their life to the fullest.

Counselling is not the only support available to you. Counselling can work in conjunction with other treatments. Some of these are listed below:

The first session is an opportunity for me to understand what brought you to counselling and for you to ask me whatever you wish to ask. We can then decide together whether or not I can be of help.

We can meet for as many sessions as is helpful. Sudden endings whilst working through challenging issues is not always in the best interest of the client. I always recommend taking at least one (or more) sessions to do a proper ending. However, it is up to client when they choose to leave counseling.  

Counseling is entirely confidential. However, it is necessary for me to take all my client wor to a qualified supervisor who helps me provide the best counseling. The only other exception would be if I considered a client would seriously harm themselves or someone else. I would always seek to discuss this with the client, explain why and agree a way forward wherever possible.